Sometimes we think of relationship as holding on to the people in our life. We say to ourselves deep down inside, "I couldn't live without so-and-so being in my life." It's almost as if we think of the people in our lives who are very close to us as if they are our possessions. Yet we really can't own another human being. The people in our lives are free— they are with us by their choice, as well as ours. We feel a tremendous sense of relief when we are willing to set everyone in our life free to be themselves. Then we quit carrying the burden of our worry and fear about them: Do they really care for us? Will they stay with us?— and on and on and on— until we come to a point where we see that releasing is healing and freeing. When we free people from the pressures of our expectations, our relationships automatically become more harmonious and joyous. We can release everyone in our life right now and feel a deep sense of peace and well-being about all of our relationships.