O.P.' S

O.P.'s are other people. Alan Watts said, "A grain of sand once attained enlightenment; it looked around and said, What's all this sand doing here?" It's easy to divide life up into pieces and to think of people we don't know at all as different or alien or foreign. We say, "Oh, those people; they're so different; they're strange; they're not like us." It's interesting to think that if we were on another planet all by ourself and we ran into another earthling, how overjoyed we would be to find someone from back home; someone we could relate to. Then if the two of us saw, say, a three-headed being, we could say, "There goes those O.P.'s— they're different; they're strange." Perhaps our most important job on this earth now is to forgive everyone and to release all the walls and barriers that separate us from each other—until there are no longer any 0.P.'s, and we are all one.