We ask ourselves: what do the people in our lives really need from us? We say that we are so busy that we really don't have a lot of time to give to everyone. But what is it that people most need from us? Perhaps it comes down to a look, a touch and a voice of encouragement and reassurance. Sometimes when we are feeling uncertain, anxious or insecure, we call a friend on the phone just to hear his or her voice saying, "It's OK— you're all right." Or sometimes just a look or a handshake or a hug from someone melts all sense of discord. Likewise, for us, when we wonder what to do for the people in our life, consider a look, a touch and an affirming voice. Don't discount the healing aspect of our positive interaction with others. When we are at peace, people in our lives also feel at peace through their contact with us. Remember, when we think: "What can I give so-and-so?" Give them your peace: a look, a touch and a voice of calm reassurance.