My cat has a friend, a big grey cat who visits him frequently in our backyard. The grey friend sometimes doesn't come around for a few days and we worry—did something happen to him? But then, after awhile, he always turns up again. What is interesting is that when my cat is away from home at the boarding kennel, the grey friend cat always shows up every day, several times a day, looking for his friend. He even comes inside the house and searches all the rooms for him, and he even opens the drawers in our cupboard to make sure he's not in there somewhere. The grey cat keeps coming around until our cat returns home; then they do a little cat dance of acknowledgment together, and the grey cat goes off again, satisfied that his friend is back and that all is in order again. Their friendship is not based on words or gestures but on action, and it is a beautiful and touching thing to see. May we have friends like the grey friend in our life, too.