A Zen Master once attended a Beethoven concert. When asked for his opinion, the Zen Master commented, "Not enough silence!" We hear music because of the silence or pauses between the notes; without silence there would be no music. Likewise, in our life, pauses for silence can give meaning and clarity to our activities. If we are always on the go and never take time to pause, turn within and silently listen to our innermost self, we may feel that our life is too frantic and overwhelming. When we relax, slow down and take time out of our busyness to just let go and be still, even if it's just for a little while, we feel a calmness and centeredness that helps us sustain ourselves in the midst of all our activities. So, in our own symphonic unfoldment, our own life process, let's allow the pauses for silence that can give harmony and order to all that we are and all that we do each day.