A prominent art collector once brought a painting to Picasso and asked if it was a genuine Picasso. After one swift glance, Picasso replied, "It's a fake." Sometime later, the same collector brought another painting to Picasso and asked if it were genuine. Picasso replied, "It's a fake." "But sir," protested the collector, "I happened to have watched you paint this picture, personally." "It's true," Picasso replied, "I paint many fakes." Indeed Picasso is said to have created over twenty thousand art works throughout his life, many of which were mediocre, but many others of which were masterpieces unlike anything done before or since. We have a tendency to feel that whatever we do should be letter-perfect, or we shouldn't even bother to try. Yet creativity is expressed through trial and error just like anything else. Let's try our best at what we do until, like Picasso, we realize the genuine in the midst of everything.