A preacher was once giving a sermon and he said, "Everyone who wants to go to Heaven, stand up." Everyone in the congregation stood up except one little boy. The preacher asked the boy, "Don't you want to go to Heaven?" The boy replied, "Oh, I thought you meant, right now." There's a similar story about Zen Master, Roshi Sasaki, who said to a group of his students, "Anyone who wants to be enlightened, come forward this instant!" Not one student moved. It's interesting to ask ourselves, what do we really want right now? Often we find that we have conflicting wants or desires. It's difficult for life to respond to ambivalence. While sometimes we just know what we want, at other times we may just be stuck in postponement because we are afraid that, if we choose, we may make a mistake. Sometimes the only way to get off the plateau of indecision is to choose a course of action and put our whole being into it. This moment now may be your moment to choose the way forward into your breakthrough.