We all need help at times. Two businessmen found themselves struggling in the water after a shipwreck. One man asked the other, "Herman, can you float alone?" Herman replied, "I'm drowning, and you're talking business!" Sometimes we feel like we're drowning, and everyone around us is talking business as usual. We may need to reach out and ask someone for help. Sometimes we feel as if we are boxed into a corner, and we can't see any way out for ourselves— there seems to be no solution to our problem. Yet when we are willing to share the burden of our problem with another, many times we become open for a solution to dawn in our hearts. It may be humbling to have to ask for help, but none of us is in this life all by ourselves, and there comes a point when we have to trust others to help us when we can't find a solution on our own. Let's not be afraid to ask this universe to help us when we need it.