Idries Shah tells the story about when the legendary Sufi Nasrudin once spent some time traveling across the border between Turkey and Greece. The customs official was sure that Nasrudin was smuggling something across the border, but each time he searched Nasrudin's donkey, he could find nothing. Some years later, the now-retired official ran into the now-retired and very prosperous Nasrudin. The official asked, "Nasrudin, what were you smuggling?" "Donkeys," replied Nasrudin. Sometimes in life we are so busy searching for hidden and deeper meaning to things that we miss the obvious that is right in front of us. A wise person once said, "Always look for the simplest answer to any problem first." When we allow ourselves to realize that which is simplest and most obvious in any situation, many times we need look no further. As Robert Creeley, the poet, once wrote, "One says of the drunken farmer / leave him lay off it / and that is the explanation."