Sometimes people say, "Gee, I'm willing to let go of this troublesome situation, but I just don't know how." How do we let go? Is there a secret formula or technique for releasing what is no longer beneficial to us? I think we need to ask ourselves, first of all, are we really ready to let go? Have we really come to the end of this particular situation— have we exhausted all the possibilities within it? Or is there still some subtle payoff we are receiving from staying in the situation? Chances are, if we weren't still getting something from it, the situation would have dissolved for us long ago. Once we really decide that something no longer fits with who we are now, it becomes easy and simple to allow ourselves to just let go; like when we carry a heavy burden for a long time, and then we reach a place where we can let it go; inwardly we feel a great sense of relief and release. When we are no longer carrying it, we have let it go. Sometimes it's with a shock that we realize that we have already left something far behind us, and it happened almost without our noticing it.