Norman Vincent Peale tells a story about two frogs who accidentally jumped into a pitcher of cream. Try as they might, neither of the frogs was able to j um p back out; whenever they tried to leap up over the walls of the pitcher, they would simply slide and wallow in the cream. They couldn't get any traction or solid foundation for their leap to freedom. Finally, in utter despair, one frog gave up trying and began to sink into the cream. The other frog, realizing that this was a sink or leap situation, mustered all of his courage and strength and integrity and began whirling his feet in the cream. Soon his feet were like little pistons moving at incredible speed; the momentum began to churn the cream into foam and then into butter. When the slippery cream had hardened into butter, both frogs had the solid traction with which to launch their leap into freedom. You too can churn your slippery situation into solidity for the great leap to freedom.