Are we ready? Are we willing? Are we able? Our life is filled with choices. Decisions— large and small— are a part of our life experience on this earth. A sage once asked someone, "How long will you stay immobilized in indecision?" Sometimeswe are afraid to make a decision because we are afraid of making a mistake, or we want to be sure that all the facts are in or we are waiting for unerring guidance. Sartre says that when we go to someone for advice regarding a decision, we pick someone whose advice agrees with what we want to do anyway. So we already know in many cases what to do. We just want someone to assume some of the responsibility for our decision. Or we may wait, as Alan Watts says, until the absolutely last moment and let circumstances or mental exhaustion force us into a decision. Yet we can also relax and let our decisions come with joy and openness of heart. We can let go of fear and let our decision-making be the joyous adventure into the unknown it really is.