Most of us are repelled by the idea of repetition, yet a good part of our lives is spent in repeating various actions. Most of us brush our teeth upon awakening— many of us even floss. We probably drive to work through the same route every day, and we probably do many of the same routine chores everyday, more or less at the same time and in the same way. We may eat the same kinds of foods and talk in the same tones of voice, day in and day out. We tend to pray, dance, eat, swim, walk, talk, go to the mountains, entertain guests, watch TV or movies or listen to music in pretty much the same manner, year in, year out. We may resist this fact about ourselves and wish it were otherwise, but there is a value to repetition. We become upset when our usual travel route is thwarted or our routine is otherwise disturbed because we feel a kind of order and harmony and balance within our repetitive actions. Allow repetition to smooth your way forward.