Sometimes we feel so stuck that we are almost paralyzed. At these times, we feel torn by indecision and self-doubt; we feel that we just don't know what to do or even how to begin. But we can only postpone things for so long. One day, through no fault and no virtue of our own, we find ourselves released from our inertia— it happened when we were looking the other way. Suddenly, we discover our freedom to act, to be decisive, to break through the bonds that have held us in place so long. Perhaps something deep inside of us is released, and we are free to spring into action. Or perhaps some outer condition or situation changes, and the change produces a corresponding transformation within us. Regardless of how it happens, inwardly or outwardly, we have the instantaneous realization that we have been released from frustration into fulfillment. We know it, and our joy is made tangible.