Integrity relates to the whole person. When we feel truly integrated deep inside of ourselves, outer forces and structures in the world do not seem so awesome or powerful. Integrity gives us strength of character to stand alone if need be. Albert Camus defines maturity as the willingness to be wrong all by yourself. Indeed, sometimes, in the eyes of the world, we seem to be making a mistake. People say to us, "You're not going to make it, my friend— you just can't possibly get to where you want to go to." Or, "You'll just have to settle for less." Or, "You'll just have to do it the way we say you should." It's interesting how so many times and in so many ways people with great integrity in life, like Gandhi or Mother Teresa, inspire us with their unwillingness to bend their principles for the sake of expediency. Integrity means to stand firmly by our deepest inner convictions regardless of outer criticism. It is the integrated individual who lives a full life on this earth.