A successful business executive once said that the primary way you can tell if your business life has really changed is if the way you spend your time changes radically. In other words, if we still are spending our time the way we were, say, two or three years ago, our business or job probably hasn't changed very much. As with our business, so with our life. If we want a real change in our life, we probably will have to make some conscious decisions in the way we are spending our time. Time is our only resource for change. We change ourselves through time. We may need to be more selective and creative in our use of our allotted days and hours. A British writer named Charles Williams, while busily raising a family, working at a full-time day job and lecturing in the evenings, managed to write over 100 books and articles throughout his life. Whenever he had a spare moment, he would jot down an idea or a sentence for a book or essay on a little yellow notepad he always carried with him. Over the years, these spare moments were turned into over 100 literary and philosophical works.