A man passed away and was admitted to Heaven. Reading from a ledger, the gatekeeper said, "It says that you were an actor." "Yes," the man replied. "Isn't it so that you were, in fact, a comedian?" the gatekeeper asked. "Only when they laughed," the man replied. What makes us laugh? We see the absurdity of a situation or we see our predicament in life: our winnings and losings, our strivings, the difficulties we encounter, the obstacles in our way. Then, at some point, we burst into laughter: like seeing the Three Stooges or The Marx Brothers or a Peter Sellers' movie----- everybody trying so hard to get it right. Laughter is healing because it releases us from our frustration at not being perfect. When we take ourselves and our lot in life too seriously, we need to break the tension by finding our way to laughter. Spiritual maturity is being willing and able to see the humor of our predicament. Self-laughter is our freedom to transcend and transform the moment of pain or hurt. So laugh often and laugh well at your own Peter Sellers-ness or Three Stoogieness.