A telephone conversation once began as follows: "Hello, Ma, this is Shirley." "Shirley, my dar-ling, how are you?" "Ma, things are really bad; the kids both have the flu, the refrigerator just quit working and I'm having myT'ai-chi group over here for lunch." "Shirley, don't worry. I'll take a bus downtown. Then I'll catch the bus to the suburbs. I'll walk the two miles from the bus stop to your house. When I get there, I'll take care of the kids. I'll fix the refrigerator. Then I'll make a nice lunch for your T'ai-chi group. And then I'll even make a nice dinner for Barry." "For Barry? Who's Barry?" "Why, your husband Barry." "My husband? My husband's name is Steven. Isn't this 897-3035?" "No, this is 897-3030." After a long pause, "Does this mean you're not coming?" Sometimes in life we seem to have missed the right connection. We may be asking the wrong person for help. We may need to relax, release and let go until the right way opens up for us.