U.G. Krishnamurti once said, "How can we find world peace when we can't even get along with our family members, our friends or our close associates?" To carry this even further, many of us at times don't even feel at peace with ourselves. What is it that keeps us from peace? I think that fear gets in the way of peace. We argue or fight when we are afraid that we are not going to get the good we seek. We fear that there is not enough good to go around, and we need to get ours before it's all gone. The opposite of this fear is trust. At some point, we learn to trust life to take care of us. We are each an integral part of the totality of life on this earth; we belong here; this life grew us into who we are right now— why wouldn't this life continue to nurture and nourish our growth? When we realize that we are connected to each other and to everything else, a tremendous burden is lifted from us— we quit straining and struggling to get our way because we realize our way is already assured. We relax and let ourselves be at peace with our world.