I was once in New York City on a visit. After a few days, I was completely caught up in the fast-paced whirl of life in that mega-city. One day, as I was entering a bookstore through a revolving door, through the glass I saw a book on sale on the counter— the price looked so low that I pushed the revolving door faster; in my anxiety to get into the store to get the low-priced book, I stubbed my toe in the revolving door. When I finally got to the book counter, my toe aching with pain, I found that I had misread the price of the book. It was actually $2.00 higher than I had seen it priced in Albuquerque! Sometimes we get caught up in trying to get somewhere so fast that we stub our toe, if not literally, then metaphorically. When we feel out of control, remember that we can slow down; we can go slowly and remind ourselves that the good we seek will never elude us.