During those "dog days" of July, as the temperature climbs over 100°, we can sometimes feel worn down as if the heat is too much for us. Yet we have the capacity to let go of our need to mentally resist the heat—instead we can let go to the heat itself and feel an instant sense of relief. I once spent a very hot summer in a part of South India where there was almost no air conditioning. Some days the temperature would reach 110° or 115° with 100% humidity and I would feel like I was melting into the pavement. One day, I just quit fighting and let go to the sheer oven of heat— as I let the heat penetrate my every pore without struggle or protest, I suddenly felt in harmony and at peace in the midst of that tremendous warmth. So, too, with our spiritual life. Sometimes we are resisting a spiritual breakthrough because it feels uncomfortable. And when we finally decide to just relax and let go, suddenly we find ourselves inwardly in harmony and at peace. Let go to a spiritual heat wave and be at peace.