Someone once said that the nice thing about pain is that you feel so good when it goes away. It's true. We've all felt the incredible relief when we are released from physical or emotional pain. Someone once said that pain pushes and pleasure pulls. It's interesting to think that pain can be an ally, helping us with our breakthrough experiences in life. We learn not to push too hard when we have pain in doing physical exercises; we learn to back off and ease up; the pain itself becomes our guide. So, too, with relationships— if there is too much pain, we learn to ease up, to not try to force things. We learn by pain (and other ways too) to be easier and kinder to ourselves and to others. Pain is really a kind of intelligence that keeps us on track or helps us to get back on track when we lose our way. We don't always have to resist pain or fight it with drugs; we can also let pain be a teacher guiding us to our freedom.