When things are going well for us in our outer life, it's easy and simple to feel good inside of ourselves. When family, personal relationships, job, finances and physical health are all going well, we can find inner peace without struggle or strain. We say, "All is right with our world, and all is right with our self." But sometimes things in our outer life don't go so well— then it is as important, if not more important, to maintain our inner equilibrium of peace, calm and serenity. We are always unfolding our inner nature—when people and situations in our outer life fluctuate, we can still abide at the center of our being. Strength in life comes from our capacity to stay inwardly centered and focused on the good, regardless of outer appearances. Let's just know right now that, appearances to the contrary, life is good and we are a part of this life— so we can let ourselves relax and be at peace.