A woman once came into a psychiatrist's office with an egg on top of her head and a strip of bacon behind each ear. She said to the psychiatrist, "I have come to talk to you about my brother." Sometimes we think that all of our problems are somehow outside of ourselves. We say, "If only they would change, then we would be all right." We half-way convince ourselves that all of our distress comes from the people in our lives. Yet, at some point on the road to spiritual maturity, we come to realize that no one is responsible for how we feel about our life except ourselves. The famous therapist Victor Frankl said that no matter how powerful or devastating outer forces or pressures may be, we always have the choice as to how we will inwardly respond to whatever happens to us. No one can take away our inner dignity or our freedom or ability to discover meaning and purpose in any situation in life. The answer is always inside— look within and find your solution today.