When we go out into nature into a forest somewhere far away from the noises and sounds of our usual everyday city life, if we are far enough away, the silence we experience in such a setting is almost palpable. It's almost as if we are actually hearing the silence itself. There may be bird sounds and insect sounds, but underneath we hear a deep stillness, and this stillness of nature is so very peace-filled and soothing to us. Yet that same quietude and soothing stillness we experience in the depths of nature also exists deep within ourselves. While it's healing and uplifting to go into nature and feel the stillness of the forest or the desert, it can be equally healing and uplifting to turn within and discover that stillness within ourselves. Just take a few moments each day to settle down, relax the body, release all our cares and concerns and turn within, resting in inner peace, calm and serenity. That's all we need do to feel that same peace we felt in nature.