How do we accept guidance in our life? We receive many offers of advice; everything from TV commercials to our fellow workers to our close family and friends. Whose advice do we take; whose guidance do we follow? Some people have earned our trust, and we tend to seek them out when we need advice. Yet other people are not always able to give us advice— there may be issues that only we can decide, and perhaps our decision comes only after we allow ourselves to get in touch with our own inner guidance. While outer advice is at times necessary and very helpful, there are these other times when we may need to turn within and listen to our hearts and accept inner guidance and direction. It's interesting that while outer advice is usually very specific and direct— do this or don't do that— inner guidance is often much more subtle and non-directive; so we need to listen that much more intently and patiently to receive inner direction. Regardless of situations, we can always listen inwardly and receive and accept the guidance of our hearts.