There is a widespread phenomenon sweeping our land called Mego, which translates: "My eyes glaze over," meaning that when we hear something that is not particularly interesting or relevant to us, our attention span wanes, our eyes glaze over and we dismiss the unwanted intrusion on our awareness. For instance; it is estimated that each of us receives two thousand advertising impressions daily, of which we register about ten. We see our world and we respond to stimuli based on our sense of what is relevant and important to us. Since each of us is a unique individual, unlike any other, our criteria of value and importance will be unique to each one of us. It's helpful not to waste time, attention or energy by trying to relate to someone else's sense of relevance. If the message doesn't speak to our hearts, it just doesn't. If we don't connect with some communication, we just don't connect. When we attend seriously to what is relevant for us, there is always a feeling of fulfillment.