Intuition is a sort of sixth sense. It's a kind of feeling or premonition that is beyond our ordinary ways of knowing. In Zen they have a saying, "Can you hear the bell ring, before the bell rings?" Intuition seems to be a faculty that we can develop and strengthen within ourselves. We can test our intuition by checking it against the outer world. When we have the feeling we should call so-and-so, even though there seems to be no good reason to do so, and we follow through and call him, and he says, "I was just thinking of you"—this seems to be away we can validate our intuition—at least for ourselves. When we follow through on our intuitive feelings and discover that many times we are being guided and directed to appropriate actions which harmonize with our world, we begin to trust that there is indeed more to each of us than meets the eye. We can allow ourselves to be receptive to the possibility of intuitive knowledge by just being open and following our inner promptings.