A middle-aged woman from New York, carrying two shopping bags, got off a plane in New Delhi, India and took a taxi to the ashram of a famous guru. When she arrived at the ashram, the person in charge at the front door told her, "When you are ushered into the Great Guru's presence, you can only say three words." "OK, OK," the woman said. Once inside, she stood in a long line waiting to see the guru. Another ashram official came up to her and said in a stern, solemn voice, "Remember, when you meet the Great Guru, you are permitted only three words." "Alright, Aright," shrugged the lady. After a very long wait, the woman was finally at the head of the line. The guru's chief assistant whispered to her, "Remember when you see the guru, only three words." "OK, OK," said the woman. Finally it was her turn. She walked up to a very high throne on which was seated the Great Guru himself. The woman looked up at the Great Guru and shouted, "Sheldon, come home!" This is a good time of year to remind ourselves to come home to our innermost self.