A wise friend once gave me this advice: "When you don't know what to do, do nothing until it becomes obvious, and then put your whole being into it, holding nothing back." Too often, when we really don't know what to do, we dissipate our energy in sporadic attempts at trial and error— just to feel like we are at least trying to do something. We want to reassure ourselves that we are accomplishing something even if, in reality, we are just spinning our wheels. It may be far better and ultimately more productive to simply take the time (when we don't know the next step) to relax and let ourselves be inwardly and outwardly quiet, open and receptive. We can allow ourselves the time to listen so that we can hear what our real next step is. Sometimes the message comes from deep within our hearts and, when we hear it, we are galvanized into creative action. Sometimes the message comes from the outer world, and suddenly we spring into action. Either way, the message— when we are open, non-resisting and receptive— is always clear and unmistakable, and it is always a call to new life.