Someone once said that we are all Clark Kents looking for a phone booth. We want our transformation to be quick, painless and complete. We want to shoot up to the stars, as long as we don't have to leave home. But our life works as an unfolding process. It's helpful to see things in terms of process rather than result. Too often we weigh situations by how much progress we have made. If we don't see progress in a situation, then we think we have failed or are going backwards instead of forward. Yet as Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, said, "You do not depart from the process [of your inner development] even for a moment; what you depart from is never the process." There is a way of being in this life that is not based on sheer striving and achievement, that is not competitive, non-comparing. We can relax our way into things— we don't really need to push and shove. We can stay true to our innermost nature which guides us surely and safely to that which is ready to receive us.