Ram Dass once wrote a book called Be Here Now. Sometimes it seems that we are living our lives as if we'll be here, eventually. When I was in India, I met a young man who was assiduously studying the ancient Buddhist texts in Sanskrit and Pali. He said that after another fifteen or twenty years, he would understand these ancient writings enough to attain his enlightenment. I asked him what about in the meantime; what was he doing for enjoyment , or happiness? He said that all that was postponed until the completion of his studies in about twenty years. Even though this may sometimes be a person's true life path, perhaps we can spend too much time in postponing our arrival. John Lennon said, "Life is what happens while we're busy making plans." This is a beautiful time of year. Let's not let the electric joy of this spring slip away from us because we're so busy with our plans. Now is when we are alive. Now is the time for our realization of the beauty and goodness and wonder of this life.