As we observe this Memorial Day by taking time out to remember and acknowledge the memory of those who died for their country, we can also take the time to acknowledge others in our life who have also passed on: family members and friends— people who have touched our lives, deeply or otherwise, and who are no longer with us on a physical level. As we take the time this weekend to remember these people in gratitude and recognition for the love which passed between us, we can also take time to remember and acknowledge those others who may not have passed away, but who are simply not in our lives right now, for whatever reason. We think of all the people who have shared life with us over the years. From childhood onwards, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people have touched our lives. This is a time for remembering. Let's remember with gratitude anyone who comes to mind this weekend for the sheer fact that so many good people have touched our lives. Albert Camus said that to live one day on this earth provides enough memories to last a lifetime!