Mark Strand once wrote, "Each moment is a place you've never been." We might also say that you are a gift to this moment, a gift that this moment is happy to receive. We tend too often to think of time as something we have to anxiously work our way through. But it may come as a happy surprise for us to think of this moment, right now, as a friend who is glad to receive us. This moment invites us into itself— it has the secret of eternity to share with us. There is nothing but this moment— the past is a memory, the future, a dream. As T.S. Eliot says, "All is always now." We don't have to resist this moment; we don't have to struggle through it; we can relax into it and be happy to receive the good that this moment is bringing to each of us. It may be the sunlight, or the beauty of a tree or a cloud formation, or it may just be a tiny thought like, "I'm here in this universe right now, and it's okay, and I'm okay, too."