When we take a bit of time each day to relax, turn within ourselves and get quiet, release the thoughts and feelings and cares of our day, we experience a kind of instantaneous renewal. Meditation practice— even in short spurts of time is like a small joy, a tiny happiness. As we continue to meditate daily, we find that we are slowly but surely building an inner reservoir of spiritual strength and integrity. Meditation is sometimes defined as the center we find within ourselves. And indeed, as we stay with the process and let it gently unfold in us and through us, we discover this point of calm at the center of our being. To this center of stability and peace we return over and over again as we stay with our meditation practice throughout the years. And we finally begin to see, as this center within us deepens into greater peace, warmth, love and clarity, that this is who we really are. It isn't just that we meditate; we are the meditation itself, and we realize that this center we have discovered deep within ourselves connects us to God and to all life everywhere. We find our oneness with the universe and the meaning of our lives in such a simple act of just relaxing, sitting still and letting go. Meditation brings us home to who we are and to where we belong in this world.