Sometimes when we feel very stuck inside of ourselves, we are really on the brink of a great spiritual breakthrough. Just as billions ofspring roots lie just underneath the crust of the earth, waiting to shoot into the light of day, so too our inner spiritual realization lies just below our conscious awareness, awaiting its moment of awakening. Even though the ground outside may still look barren, gray and bleak, spring will have its day, and everything will burst into green and pink and yellow loveliness. So too, whenever we are feeling especially bleak or barren or gray inside of ourselves, a day will arrive when our inner life will burst into joy, and all our days of being stuck will melt from our hearts, and only peace and freedom will remain. As our fingernails grow, so too does the hidden dynamic of our inner breakthrough unfold. We are not consciously aware of our fingernails growing this instant, and we may also not be aware that, deep inside of each of us, our spiritual awakening is coming into light.