T.S. Eliot said, "At the still point of the turn-ing world, there the dance is." It's interesting that we can find our way into our own dance, our deepest longing for the real, the good, the beautiful and true, not by forcing our way, but by becoming quiet and still. In that stillness deep within our being, we discover our way to our heart's desire. As Rilke says, "What we owe to silence makes our ripening exact." And a Zen master once said, "Truth only reveals itself when one gives up all preconceived ideas." We can find our way in the outer world by letting go and letting ourselves be inwardly still. The Buddha said, "Don't just do something, sit there." So when trying doesn't work, we can stop trying, relax, turn within and let our innermost being reveal the path forward. Let's let our stillness lead us into the dance.