J.D. Salinger once said, "I'm a reverse paranoiac. I keep thinking that people are conspiring to make me happy." How do we see the people in our lives? Are the people in our lives a problem to solve, or are they with us for us to appreciate, love and enjoy? Do we enjoy them, or are we too busy trying to fix them? Do we see our friends and loved ones as basically OK as they are, or do they need our help to get better? Someone said that nothing is so impatient as watching our loved ones' lack of progress in life. If they would only change, then we would be doing just fine. Perhaps if we just let go of our need to change the people that are with us, we would discover how really OK they already are. And what a great relief it would be not to have to carry our worry and concern for them around with us everywhere. We can come to realize that we are in relationship to the people in our lives simply through love, appreciation, respect, kindness and trust. So we can relax and let our friends and loved ones reveal the beauty of who they are to us.