Forgiveness is really a process of healing and spiritual renewal. When our life does not seem to be working, when we feel stuck or out of sync with our world, when we aren't flourishing on some level or other— be it love relationships, family, finances, job, health or spiritual unfoldment— chances are: there is someone or something we need to forgive. People say, "Well, I've forgiven, but I just can't forget"— but that isn't real forgiveness. Or someone will say, "I have forgiven so-and-so; I just don't want to see him ever again." Again, that isn't forgiveness. We can disguise our lack of forgiveness in all sorts of subtle ways. We say to ourselves of those who hurt us: "I don't actually hate them anymore, I just don't wish them well." Whenever we feel a lack of positive good will or love towards someone who at some point wronged us, then we still need to have a forgiveness breakthrough with that person. We may ask, "How can I forgive?" The first step is acknowledging that we are still feeling the hurt or pain or anger. The second step comes with our willingness to forgive, when we begin to see the real need for forgiveness. Finally there is the forgiveness itself on a feeling or heart level. Then comes blessing, thanksgiving and finally release. We release ourselves and the other person to the Highest Good for all concerned. When we really forgive, we experience a profound healing and a new depth of personal harmony and joy in our lives. Sometimes, the only thing left to do in a situation in our life that won't get better, is to forgive it— and suddenly it's finished, and we are set free.