U.G. Krishnamurti once said to me, "My words strip away the false so that you can be free to be related to all things." It's interesting that I remembered the part about stripping away of the false, but I almost forgot the part about 'so that you can be free to be related to everything.' We can be so caught up in trying to free ourselves from things that aren't working or that are a distraction that we forget to connect with the Greater Life that is forever around us and within us. I had a friend who would always keep his eyes on the ground so that he wouldn't get distracted from his inner meditations by looking at people or things in the world. Yet people and things are also part of Reality— how can we find the Real by avoiding anything or anyone who is part of the givenness of this life? Albert Camus said that we should affirm the true with our whole being. So when we do our soul-searching or forgiveness and release, let's also be sure to remember to affirm all the good of this life too.