What does it mean to be spiritually free? We think of human freedom in terms of being free from some oppressive influence or situation. Or we think of human freedom as being free to do things we've always wanted to do: complete some special project or take a trip somewhere or buy our dream home. But is there a freedom that is different in kind from our usual ideas of freedom?— a freedom which liberates us from the human predicament itself? On a human level, no matter how well things are going for us, we never seem to feel completely comfortable or at ease with ourselves or our situation in life. We say, "There has to be something more." Perhaps spiritual freedom is a point in our life where we come into total agreement and harmony with ourselves, our situation and our world, a time when we no longer feel uncomfortable being ourselves. What a blessing it is to feel total peace with ourselves in this life. And maybe all we need to do is say yes in the moment, and this freedom is ours.