I once accidentally knocked a bottle of lemon juice off a shelf at Walgreens. As I continued down the aisle, I sort of pretended that: 1.) it never really happened— and the smashed bottle of liquid wasn't really there a few feet away. 2.) if it had happened, it wasn't me who had done it— and I looked at some passerby as if to say, "Was it you? It wasn't me?" All of a sudden, I heard a loudspeaker saying, "Someone go to Aisle 7 and clean up a spill." Closed circuit TV—oh no, caught in the act. There's not a whole lot we get away with in this life. Part of maturity is the willingness to accept our share of responsibility for what happens in this life. As Alan Watts once said, "There are really only three questions in life: Who made the mess? Who's responsible? Who's going to clean it up?" Let's not slink away from our messes in this life and pretend they didn't happen or that we don't have to clean them up. Let's be responsible for what happens to us, through us, and accept our share of what happens with peace and equanimity.