A man once went to a psychiatrist and said, "I feel like I'm a pair of curtains." The psychiatrist said, "Calm down and try to pull yourself together." We sometimes feel split apart inside of ourselves as if we are going in two directions at once. Sometimes we seem to want two contradictory things, both at the same time. A man was once allowed to choose a magic bottle that would give him whatever he really wanted— the only condition was that he had to offer up a magic bottle of his own in exchange for the bottle he was to receive. The man asked for the magic bottle that contained inner peace, but he realized he would have to give his own bottle which contained an overwhelming ambition. He realized that he was unwilling to give up his bottle of ambition, so he walked away without receiving the peace his heart yearned for. Perhaps we just need to really decide what it is we want out of this life, and then our wholeness will begin to manifest.