Frequently we try too hard to live through a mental image of how we are supposed to be. We're filled with shoulds— I should be this, I should be that— this is how I should feel; this is what I should do. After awhile, we get so tired and so bored and frustrated trying to live up to an image of ourselves that we just have to let go and let ourselves be. And then we make an important discovery: we realize that nothing has to happen, that we don't have to be anyone. And things have a way of working out as we let them. When we let go of our mental construct about how things have to be and how we have to be, we simply begin to relax. As we relax, we begin to feel the opening of our heart. And more and more we begin to live from an intuitive rather than a prescriptive level. We respond appropriately to life's opportunities and challenges from a deep sense of calm coming from our own inwardness. We trust our hearts and all is well.