The winner of a contest in England that asked the question, "What is the fastest way to get to London from Liverpool?"— answered, "With good company." Einstein was once asked to explain the theory of relativity in simple terms. He said that one hour with a person to whom you are attracted is like one minute, and one minute sitting on a hot stove is like one hour— that, he said, is relativity. When we are engaged in some activity we really enjoy (perhaps browsing through a bookstore or walking in nature or listening to music or reading or dancing) time seems to whiz by. Yet when we are working at some laborious task, time seems unending. Perhaps success in life is to more and more do things that we so enjoy that we realize what a precious gift time is for us. Bob Hope was once asked for the secret to his long and fruitful life. He said, "I never do what I don't want to do." Perhaps each of us can be more and more open to doing what we really do want to do, and then we will see time as a friend that beckons us to our joy.