There are three D's in bringing something new into being in our life: Dream it, Define it, and Do something about it. A woman once went to a counselor and said, "I'd really like to go to college and get a degree, but I'm 57 years old." The counselor replied, "In four years you'll be 61, whether you go to school or not— so why not go to school?" Many of us have an unfulfilled dream. Perhaps we haven't defined it clearly enough. What steps would it take to bring our dream into fulfillment? What would it cost? Are we willing and able to pay the price? Do we really have anything to lose by trying? Once we define our dream and clarify the process it will take to complete it, then the third phase becomes very clear. We need to act— what can we do right now to bring our dream into manifestation? Don't leave out the last step. We experience analysis paralysis when we don't act on our dream. Avoid the rush, act now on your dream and joy will be yours.