In the midst of all our concerns to do everything we need to do for the holidays, let's remember the spiritual significance of this time of year. We celebrate the coming of peace and goodwill to all people. We recognize our oneness with God and each other. We release past mistakes and accept a new birth of joyous innocence and love within our hearts and our lives. We surrender our separation and know our oneness with all life everywhere. What do we really want at this time of the year— beyond the gifts, the lights, the music, the celebrations— but to feel God's sweetness and fire in every cell of our being. Let's let this be the season of our spiritual awakening; the time when each of us truly comes into our own as conscious children of God. This Christmas, we let our whole being be lifted into the light and peace and wonder and joy of self-realization. What better time to come into our Divine Inheritance of union with God, cosmic consciousness, the realization of the oneness of our life. Let's allow ourselves to be overflowing with joyous, contagious spiritual energy this Christmas.