We can't do everything; we can't be everything. We have to choose who we want to be and what we want to do in this life. That means that there are a great many things we won't be able to be and do. To define our purpose in life means that we have to specialize. They say that since about the 15 th century, it has been impossible to know everything in terms of human information because there is just too much for any one human being to know and too much to be and too much to do; so we need to make choices based on our values and on how we have defined our purpose in this life. We can always ask ourselves these three basic questions: Where do we want to be five years from now? If we continue as we are right now, will we make it? If we do make it, will we feel happy and fulfilled? Our life becomes very simple and straightforward once we clarify our purpose and decide on the way in which we will achieve it.