Since the holidays are over, we ask ourselves—What's next? Between now and spring, what can we look forward to? The holidays provide an exterior prop for our emotions. We can share our joy, gladness and excitement in a natural way because it is the season for it. But now we may have to look within ourselves and discover a reason to feel the joyous energy we felt a few weeks ago. That joy has not disappeared; it's still there; we may just have to refocus or reframe it. Perhaps relaxing after all the stress and pressure of December is also a kind of happiness; not needing to hurry or rush our way through things— this, itself, if we let it, may be a new kind of breakthrough for us. Things don't always have to be going on for us to be happy. Perhaps in rest and recollection we discover an even greater joy. Why not give this time a chance to reveal its meaning and its happiness to us? Let's let January be a time of inner realization and fulfillment.