A town called Yellowknife was recently voted the friendliest and most likeable city in Canada. What's interesting is that Yellowknife is one of the most northern and therefore coldest cities in Canada. Yet people feel that it is a very nice and hospitable place to live. The reason is that because of the extremely cold weather, people tend to support each other out of a sense of mutual survival. In this community, it is very clear that people need each other's help. If someone's car stalls out in the below-zero weather, there is always someone there to offer assistance. The spirit of cooperation and community is always there when it's to everyone's advantage. As we go through our own cold winter months, let's keep in mind that we too are here to help each other and to receive help when we need it. Our winters are probably not as severe as Yellowknife's, but we too are part of a caring community. So let's keep our hearts open to each other during these winter months.